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I play what the people like. I focus on the crowd,

I feel their vibe and execute it musically.

Is the way Lady Drea’s followers describe her. Her young, innovative approach to djing has caught the attention of many; Not denying her natural and simplistic beauty. She uses her emotive musical selections as her own therapy. Being raised in a Caribbean (Trinidadian) household in New York, Drea has developed a very eclectic appreciation for music. From the foundation sounds of calypso (Mighty Sparrow, Baron, Shadow), reggae (Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Garnett Silk) and hip-hop (Biggie, Tupac, N.W.A), all of which she infused with her personal love for soca, dancehall, afrobeat & hip-hop, Drea’s range is endless. This combination has given her a kaleidoscope of musical influence which has molded her into the dj she is today, translating onto sets local and International.

I aim to create a fun, infectious ambience regardless of genre, style, tempo or popularity.”

This personal quote significantly describes the reason Lady Drea is easily a crowd favorite; or your boyfriends favorite Dj to be exact. Lady Drea is all about being different, setting trends and earning the title of many firsts. From her hobby of collecting high-end equipment, to her scratching ability and love for the art of turntablism. Every event Drea Plays for, she tries her best to deliver what the people want yet always finds a way to throw in some of her personal favorites and showcase her scratching that gives her set that unique vibe. Drea is one of the youngest and highly skilled disc jockeys that has built her name and earned the respect of several top foundation disc jockeys male and female, both locally and internationally. Drea is no stranger to hardwork and determination. She has gone from djing family gatherings/small nightclubs in 2011 to playing in larger arenas such as Glass House in Solare Gardens (Doral, FL) for an audience of over 3,000 patrons in 2015, to playing alongside elite djs such as New Yorks Finest Bobby Konders & Jabba, DJ Young Chow & DJ Sussone.

Furthermore, in an effort to always deliver to her fans whom she considers all friends, Lady Drea frequently releases mixtape volumes under the tag line “No Boundaries” of various genres and styles with No Limits. Lady Drea later formed her own brand “L.D.E” and entertainment enterprise. Specializing in everything including; Other experienced Dj’s, equipment rental, event planners and more. In 2016 the brand L.D.E. was launched at her first annual birthday celebration called Enigma. You can expect more upscale, sexy events from Lady Drea and the Entire L.D.E. Team in the near future. Although her love for music is undeniable, Lady Drea is a current medical student. It is a long journey towards her long-term career goal and she won’t stop until she reaches that goal.

Nevertheless, Lady Drea always reminds everyone that she can never take credit for her success. “Jesus is the head of my life”, She states, as she describes herself as just a tool being used by God. As she always likes to close her performances “God first and everything else after”

  • 15+ Happy Clients
  • 353+ Parties Played
  • 10+ Countries Traveled

    Your body is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and habits.

      Lady Drea has spent the last 20+ years
      developing a truly unique style
      that stands out in the market.
      I go where ever the crowd takes me.
      Whether it's in a backyard
      or on a main stage in the caribbean.
      I work with companies and individuals
      to deliver a unqiue experience they
      will never forget.
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